Authorities in suburban New Orleans said they uncovered three teenagers' plot to shoot fellow high school students on campus during the first day of classes.

Lakeshore High School officials became aware of a group calling themselves Day Zero last month when other students contacted administrators. The teens had targeted specific students, but part of the plan was also indiscriminate shooting, said an AP report.

"Investigators learned the students had a detailed plan for procuring weapons and bringing them to school Monday. They intended to kill any law enforcement officials at the school who tried to stop them and then collect their weapons," the report said.

According to the AP report, the three 15-year-old boys were being held at a juvenile detention center on charges of conspiracy to commit terrorism and more charges were possible.

"They made no attempt to deny their involvement with the plan and admitted their intentions," police said. "All three were cooperative with investigators."

Police would not comment about a possible motive.

Deputies began investigating July 17 and the teens turned themselves in this week. A bond hearing Monday will decide if they can leave the detention center, the report says.