Next month, ASIS International will hold its 57th Annual Seminar and Exhibits. The event, September 19-22 in Orlando, will include keynotes from Jeb Bush and Vicente Fox, in addition to education tracks about workplace violence, security leadership and more. As Chair for the ASIS 2011 Host Committee and a security professional with 35 years of experience, David Murray shares his opinions on the security profession, and what conference attendees can expect to see in Orlando in September.


Why and how did you get into the security industry?

After serving in the U.S. Air Force, I sought a career in law enforcement in the NYC metropolitan area. I accepted a position in Bergen County, New Jersey, where my wife and I bought a house and began raising a family. During my police career I found myself working part time jobs helping a family member who installed residential security systems. I started my own company a few months later and eventually retired from the police department as my company expanded. I started a U.L. listed central station serving alarm companies from New York to Florida and eventually a private detective company. After 35 years, I sold my companies and moved to Florida. Today, I work as a consultant.


What have been most rewarding aspects of your career as a security practitioner?

The most rewarding aspect of my career has been working in partnership with businesses to provide customized solutions to meet their individual security needs and requirements. My customers are number one. Businesses look to me as a security industry professional and rely on my knowledge and expertise.


What are some of the most critical challenges facing security professionals?

The most critical challenges for security professionals today are providing the best service to clients. The economy has challenged organizations to work smarter, leverage quality employees and utilize technology effectively to protect their people, property and information. As a security professional, my role is to support my customers’ mission and objectives to the best of my ability. I often reflect on the reason that I chose this profession to begin with: to provide professional security to the public.


Have you experienced any “surprises” in your security career?

The biggest surprise I have experienced during my career was the attack on 9-11 and losing friends in the attack. This was one of the most profound events that changed the face of the security industry.


As Chair of the ASIS 2011 Host Committee, what can attendees expect to experience this year?

As Chairman for the ASIS 2011 Host Committee, I would like to invite everyone to Orlando and encourage attendees to take maximum advantage of everything the city has to offer. ASIS International and our Chapter are working hard to provide an excellent educational experience at this year’s event. But we don’t stop there; Orlando has much to offer your family. After a busy day there is no better place to wind down, enjoy friendships and network in Orlando.


What do you like to do for fun?

I enjoy spending time with my family and exploring with my 3-year-old grandson. I also work on our family tree. I have documented my linage back to 1590 with a family member receiving property from Scotland’s King James the 6th for service to the King.