CTA train stations in Chicago got a security upgrade as hundreds of new surveillance cameras started being installed.

The CTA is doubling the number of cameras in its system to a total of 3,000, all paid for with Homeland Security funds.

The Halsted station on the Orange Line had one camera, but by the end of the day, it will have 20, said a Fox News Chicago report. CTA officials and police said every corner of the Halsted station will be visible with the new cameras.

There will also be more plainclothes and uniformed officers patrolling on CTA now that school is out for the summer, the report said.

Police have been able to record high-definition images to catch suspects. Lat year, they made 69 arrests with the help of CTA cameras, said the report.

The CTA is also working on far north Red Line stations Monday, including Jarvis, Morse, Granville and Bryn Mawr.