Detex Delayed Egress/Latch inbody

Tailgating is a problem, especially in high security areas such as health care facilities. The Detex Delayed Egress/Latch Retraction device is perfect for hospitals and health care facilities for controlling access to surgical suites from holding areas, or restricting entry to nursery areas or pharmacy facilities. And, the device’s smooth pushpad doesn’t snag on clothing or equipment. The device has no external magnets, electric strikes or electric trims. Everything is contained in the device, so there are fewer components to install, and fewer to malfunction and affect performance. For authorized personnel, the latch retraction operates with the access control system, bypassing delayed egress to allow exit and entry without sounding the alarm. But unauthorized entry triggers a 100dB alarm and keeps the door locked for 15 seconds, allowing time for staff to respond. A fire alarm input provides life safety override for immediate exit during a fire emergency.

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