The Coast Guard changed its security regulations for cruise ships in San Diego, two days before the first ship is set to dock at Broadway Pier’s new terminal.

From now until at least June 20, a 100-yard security zone will be maintained around cruise ships when they are in port, but only in the water, not on land.

The previous regulations required both land and water security zones.

The policy change was announced one day before a group is scheduled to ask a federal judge to order the Coast Guard to enforce its former policy over the entire zone.

“It is in the public interest to avoid the potential disruption that could be caused to major roadways just onshore,” Coast Guard Cmdr. Michael R. Leon Guerrero said in explaining the temporary regulatory change.

If enforced when cruise ships are docked at Broadway Pier and B Street Pier, pedestrian access and traffic could be limited if not halted on some streets and sidewalks.