A new Naval Air Station (NAS) in Oak Harbor, Wash includes physical security equipment, communication systems with fiber optics, an armory and vault equipment and electrical upgrades.
The Whidbey Island Security Office also includes administration, communication and fingerprint rooms, evidence storage, breathalyzer equipment, file spaces, additional storage, training, briefing and a conference room.
The former security office was once located in buildings adjacent to one another. Building 180, located off base on Langley Boulevard, was one of two former celestial training facilities that were built in 1944 at Ault Field. Building 220, the second of two former celestial navigation training facilities was built in 1945. The building is nearly identical to building 180 with the exception of building 220's two-story entrance and the absence of an observation tower.
Before the move, security had supplies in four different locations, a disadvantage that added a challenge to security forces trying to conduct proper inventories.
In addition to the interior renovations and improvements, the exterior of the security building includes an enclave fence with two automated pedestrian turnstiles, one automated vehicle gate and upgraded site lightings. "It tells them that someone cares about them," said Logistics Specialist Seaman Lorili McDowell, Base Security. "Many of the MAs have been working out of the old building and making the best of it. They finally have a new building, and they deserve it."