The U.S. Food and Drug Administration sent a letter to companies and a wide range of other key stakeholders detailing the agency's concern over cargo and warehouse thefts of FDA-regulated products.
The products stolen have included prescription and over-the counter medicines, medical devices and infant formula.
In its letter, the FDA seeks to:
  • raise awareness among industry about each firm's responsibility to review and strengthen their security practices
  • inform industry of the actions the FDA will take when the agency becomes aware of a large-scale theft
  • outlines steps that firms should take emphasize the importance of notifying and informing members of the supply chain and the public after thefts occur.
The FDA said it believes every company should have a clear plan developed on how to respond to these incidents, since swift action is essential. The agency believes prevention of cargo theft is critical. To help achieve that goal, the FDA will continue to work closely with manufacturers and wholesalers to find ways to better secure the nation's supply chain, which protects the public health.