According to a report by the DHS Office of Infrastructure Protection, the number and pace of attempted attacks against the United States in the past nine months exceeds the number seen in any other one-year period.
In addition, terrorists might no longer be seeking to one-up themselves by planning increasingly deadly attacks - a former hallmark of al-Qaeda. Instead, it appears terrorist organizations now understand the value of smaller, targeted attacks that will have what DHS describes as psychological impacts beyond the initial attack.
According to the report, there seems to be a trend toward smaller-scale attacks. While the report urges collaboration among regional public and private sector groups to deter attacks, much of the onus for identifying possible attacks and suspicious activity is now on the public. DHS recommends vigilance on the part of workers at transit facilities, referring to them as "force multipliers'' in the fight against terror.
The department also calls for increased vigilance on the part of the public. For example, DHS advises that vendors and others who work at or near facilities can expand security efforts.