Hackers traced back to China infiltrated computers including those of India’s government, the offices of the Dalai Lama and the United Nations, underscoring the growing threat of cyber attacks, said the Financial Times.
Documents relating to Indian military missile programs, security assessments of states bordering China, and files from Indian embassies worldwide were compromised, according to the report.
The Indian government said it’s taking the report seriously and investigating the matter. While the hackers can be traced back to servers in Chengdu, western China, their identity and motives are unknown, the report said. China’s government doesn’t condone Internet attacks, said Jiang Yu, a spokeswoman at China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
“Hacking is an international problem. The international community should strengthen cooperation and face the problem together,” Jiang said. The said that the majority of documents hacked involved the Indian government and armed forces, including those of military training schools and a member of the Indian Directorate of Military Intelligence, according to the report.
Two “secret” files were among the 14 accessed from the National Security Council Secretariat, which aids the Indian government in strategic defense planning. Emails from the Dalai Lama were also accessed. Businesses were also targeted, according to the report. Documents describing travel plans, business decisions and the financial status of three Indian companies were accessed, according to the report.