By Bill Zalud, Security Magazine Editor Emeritus

Some security systems integrators talk about the transition from analog to IP video; but a reenergized ADT Security Services aims at helping enterprises with their security and safety business process reengineering.

A bigger ADT can afford to think bugger.

While Brink’s Home Security Holdings (“Brink’s Home Security”), which operated as Broadview Security, stopped trading as a stock last Friday, today (Monday, May 17), Naren Gursahaney, president of ADT Worldwide, used an industry press conference to “celebrate a new ADT,” emphasizing its “bigger, better, broader and brighter future.”

According to Gursahaney, with Broadview’s 1.3 million customers added in, ADT will have a total of about 6.2 million. He also announced a “sharpened focus” with residential and small business into one effort with $2.8 billion dollars in annual revenue and headed by John Koch, and a dedicated commercial structure with $2 billion dollars in annual revenue and headed by John Kenning. ADT’s lucrative Federal Systems business remains within the commercial area while Sensormatic with its mature electronic article surveillance(EAS) technology which serves ADT Retail as well as through global solutions, will expand beyond EAS.

 In addition to wearing the ADT blue logo on their blazers, Gursahaney, Koch and Kenning share some other things – IP video, wireless, interactivity, expanded types of monitoring service and more integration. The bottom line: more sophisticated solutions and services to match the growingly complex demands of residential, small business, enterprise and government buyers.

Within the commercial operation, Kenning says that in working with “our largest customers, integration” means three pillars of access, video and “a stronger position from our monitoring standpoint.” These end users are “more comfortable making the case” for more diverse monitoring to their bosses. The acquisition two years ago of SST (FirstService Security, a division of $1 billion service firm FirstService that operated as SST in the United States and Intercon in Canada) has helped ADT with more complex solutions as commercial clients “transition from analog to IP and then to business process reengineering.” Such an opened up approach is sure to lengthen and deepen the relationship of ADT as systems integrator with its commercial customers. And cloud technologies are being explored, too, since “we want to stay as the leader,” adds Kenning.

In fact, security and fire alarm monitoring has for many years been an “in the cloud” effort. Only now, the cloud – services and applications Internet-platformed – has expanded to electronic access controls, security video and identity management, among others.

The ADT executives also see more opportunities with wireless. Both within residential/small business and commercial operations, the aim is to provide solutions and services that end users need every day. “And there are more advantages today using wireless,” says Koch.

Of interest to chief security officers who are tasked to protect corporate VIPs at home as well as at work, within the residential and small business operation, ADT seems eager to expand its interactive services. Says Koch, “We are beginning to integrate lifestyle and life safety.” And with the economies of scale as IP video gains ground, “IP cameras in the home become much more affordable.”

When asked about economic conditions in North America and globally, Gursahaney stressed both the silver lining slowly appearing as well as the remaining clouds but also pointed out that location continues to make a difference. “It’s a mixed bag. We are clearly seeing signs of increased activity but have not seen a significant pickup in orders” as yet. “Some market segments within commercial are picking up.” The ups and downs go for geographic parts of North America and globally, too.

Added Kenning, “When the market does turn, we have the infrastructure for higher level integration.” And that, without a doubt, will mean another high – a longer, deep relationship with enterprise security leaders and their IT colleagues.