Verizon’s Data Breach Investigations Report will now include data from hundreds of computer crime cases investigated by the U.S. Secret Service, the company announced this week.
According to Verizon’s Wade Baker, the 2010 report which is slated for release this summer will feature findings from Verizon’s own caseload and hundreds of computer crime cases investigated by the Secret Service.
arlier this year, the Secret Service began working with Verizon to leverage the VERIS framework to classify and analyze their caseload from the last two years. Because Verizon also uses VERIS, the result is two compatible datasets that reportedly represent a sizable proportion of known data breaches last year. In
 addition to a much larger dataset, the Secret Service’s participation will offer a fresh perspective to the DBIR, including what happens after a breach to identify suspects, make arrests, extradite foreign nationals, and prosecute cybercriminals.
Baker said the partnership is a “natural expansion and evolution” of the data breach report and will help to improve the awareness understanding, and preparedness regarding data breaches.