The electronic security sector just completed one of the best ISC West events in many years. Aisles were full and booths were busy, strong signs that our industry is growing out of the recent economic slump.
ISC West was also noteworthy for another reason. It was there that Reed Exhibitions, the show organizer, and the Security Industry Association (SIA), the sole sponsor, announced that the fall ISC event – known for many years as ISC East – is now ISC Solutions. But the difference goes well beyond a new name.

Not too many years ago, electronic security could be as simple as a door with a keypad and a few video cameras. Now, technology allows us not only to do much more, and with new security opportunities, of course, come challenges: how do you put all of the pieces together in a way that provides the best approach for your business or institution? That is what ISC Solutions will be about – the application of security technology.

While ISC West will continue to be the nation’s premier show for security products, ISC Solutions, Nov. 3-4 in New York City, will complement that event by focusing on how to use those products to meet specific security needs. Vertical markets will have an important role in this event, with applications for the government, health care, education and retail markets being the 2010 focus. In short, as the name says, this event will focus on security solutions.

So, how will all of this change what people actually see on the show floor? First, exhibits will be arranged by technology and application, a set-up that visitors should find to be more “solution-oriented.” Second, a centrally-located “solutions hub” will provide information and guidance to attendees, in addition to offering meeting space and speaking venues.

ISC Solutions will continue to offer an education conference, and starting this year, the training opportunities will be enhanced by the participation of organizations representing vertical markets. ISC is already working with several organizations to develop content, and other partnerships are expected to be announced soon.

ISC Solutions is the logical next step for security trade shows. As security becomes more complex, knowing how to apply the technology becomes crucial to getting the most out of the products. By focusing on these applications, ISC Solutions will connect the industry with end-users in a unique and mutually beneficial way.