The Security Executive Council (SEC) announced Solution Innovations, its latest Collective Knowledge security leadership initiative. Solution Innovations was developed to give executives insight into security products and services that have been vetted to demonstrate real value to the business.
Bob Hayes, managing director of the Security Executive Council, noted that the global security and safety resilience of small to medium businesses (the “Fortune 500,000”), governments, and NGOs will be determined by their ability to identify more effective risk mitigation solutions. The Council is selectively inviting innovative solution providers to participate in this initiative to improve global protection option awareness, effectiveness and affordability. The initiative gathers innovators who measurably mitigate a broad range of risks, including those to people, assets, product, mission-enabling critical processes and brand reputation.
According to Francis D’Addario, Security Executive Council Emeritus Faculty for Strategic Influence and Innovation, “The fluid worldwide risk resulting from the recent financial meltdown has been exacerbated by protection downsizing and institutional distrust.” He cited “a reversal of fortune” in a number of the leading global indicators for increased violence and asset losses. “The need for persuasive security performance has never been greater. Our recognition of Solution Innovations partners, including CSIdentity, Aronson Security Group, and ASI, will subsidize our ongoing efforts to discover and share affordable, differentiated, and ROI-capable risk mitigation strategies.”