U.S. Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano last week met with the global industry group for airlines and more than two dozen CEOs of major carriers, telling a news conference in Geneva that industry and governments would work closely on improving data collection, information sharing, passenger vetting and other security standards.
"We must move as an international community of responsible nations to deal with any threats to aviation security," she said. "Governments and the carriers themselves need to work together to improve the air environment."
Napolitano was on the second stop of a tour to toughen global flight regulations after meeting with European justice ministers. She said that Washington believes in the technology but wasn't demanding the same from other nations with privacy concerns.
"The kinds of things that were done on 9/11 to take over the aircraft have been fixed," Napolitano said. But, now "there are individuals who will try to find gaps in the system," using liquids, powders and gels to kill people.