Today at the Worldwide Public Safety Symposium, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer outlined the ways that the company's innovative technology and partner ecosystem will tackle the 21st century's four core emerging public safety technology trends: cloud-based solutions, cybersecurity, unified communications and social media in public safety. This includes news that Microsoft will begin exploring how to support its Child Exploitation Tracking System (CETS) in the cloud.
With the help of organizations focused on crimes against children, Microsoft and its public safety partners will begin exploring together how they can put CETS, a software tool that helps governments search, share and analyze evidence in child exploitation cases across police agencies, into a cloud-based solution to reach more police organizations nationally and globally.
Microsoft said it is working with current CETS users, public safety organizations, and international and national law enforcement agencies to see if this new area of technology can do even more for their fight to keep kids safe. The Child Exploitation Tracking System contains features that permit investigators to import, organize, analyze, share and search information, from the point of detection through the investigative phase.
Using a cloud-based solution will help greatly expand the tool's deployment, particularly into developing economies where cloud computing can address infrastructure challenges, it said. It will also enhance how CETS is allowing governmental and law enforcement organizations to share, search and analyze evidence in child exploitation cases across police jurisdictions, cost effectively and quickly. Collaboration with the CETS community, said Microsoft, will also help identify and address key security and privacy issues that arise in cloud-based scenarios.