Security measures for rail and bus travel from the United States to Vancouver for the Winter Olympics likely will be stepped up, said a UPI report.
Although they won't have to face the full-body scanners that air travelers will encounter, those taking Amtrak trains from Seattle and Portland, Ore., to next month's Vancouver Games, as well as cross-border bus travelers, might face tougher-than-usual security.
Vickie Sheehan of British Columbia's State Rail and Marine Office told UPI, "(Security) will probably be heightened during the Olympics," adding that while nothing is official yet, the security measures could involve rail and bus customers encountering more agents and questions at the border.
Canada Border Service Agency spokeswoman Faith St. John told the Sun that agents know the names of bus and rail travelers in advance, explaining, "If someone is selected for a secondary examination, there are facilities at the Pacific Central Station (in Vancouver) for CBSA to conduct luggage examinations."