While security breaches increased in the last year, schools made some gains in school safety. The third annual School Safety Index by CDW Government, Inc., found that despite an increase in security breaches, three-quarters of respondents rated their cyber and physical security as adequate.
Physical security: The Index found gains in school districts’ use of security cameras as a deterrent, with 79 percent of districts using cameras. There was also an increase in use of a mass notification system: 70 percent in 2009 versus 45 percent in 2008. 
Districts are also disseminating emergency information. Thirty-six percent of districts view camera footage in real time; 24 percent report are planning to in the next 12 months. More than 70 percent are using a mass notification system.
Cyber security: More than 90 percent are using encryption to protect network and critical data, and 88 percent are utilizing wireless networks.