ComNet tells Zalud’s Blog about a series of all-new fiber optic video products. The F32V8DT/R(M)(S)1 are 32-channel digital fiber optic video and data multiplexer transmitters and receivers. This new ComNet model supports 32 channels of the highest quality video with eight channels of bi-directional serial data. Models are available for use over multimode or single mode optical fiber. These new models offer 10-Bit RS250C Short-Haul Quality video performance. This performance level delivers unparalleled picture quality and data integrity. Transporting thirty-two channels of high-quality video and data over one optical fiber is a very cost-effective alternative to other transport methods. These new multiplexers have the capability to transport video a considerable distance, as long as 20km between locations.

According to Vic Milani of ComNet, “Thirty-two channel video and data multiplexers introduce an incredible amount of flexibility into a point-to-point security system. In applications such as airports and parking garages where there is a requirement to have a large number of CCTV cameras installed and the control center might be miles away, transporting that video and data over a single fiber is a very cost-effective and easy to install transport method. More info at