Matthew Schor of Trojan Defense said, “The nuclear detection mission is critical to homeland security and those who wish to smuggle nuclear materials must be deterred from achieving their goals.”

One of the greatest fears concerning supply chain security is the potential of nuclear weapons and so-called dirty bombs shipped into the United States. Department of Homeland Security’s Domestic Nuclear Detection Office continues to work with large and small companies in the development of more accurate and practical sensor and detector technologies. One example: Trojan Defense’s low cost, low power silicon chip transforms neutron detection for a variety of homeland security missions. These applications extend from handheld detectors that currently rely on power hungry helium-3 gas tubes in use since the 1950s, to more exotic applications such as embedding in first responder radios, intelligent personal radiation locators, cell phones, air cargo pallets, conveyance security devices for sea containers, and other transport conveyances.