From ISC, Vumii, a developer of highly engineered yet easy to use long-range, day/night surveillance camera systems, announced the introduction of Sensorii, a new software platform designed to provide security personnel with a means to better manage pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) video cameras as well as heighten situational awareness for improved perimeter protection.

Sensorii, compatible with a wide variety of standard industry outdoor surveillance cameras, including Sony, Pelco, and Axis, as well as Vumii’s Discoverii long-range laser technology platform, provides a range of capabilities that help enhance video images and camera control. The Sensorii panoramic module addresses the shortcomings of any high magnification PTZ vision system – user orientation and system navigation. The Sensorii module automatically captures the total view a PTZ could see by scanning its range of motion and stitching hundreds of high resolution images together to form a panoramic map. The scanned image might be 100 megapixels or more in size and represents the total field of regard of the camera despite the user not being able to see all this at once. Sensorii then registers and synchronizes the live video window to this panoramic map, displaying both on screen simultaneously, allowing a user to best process a current view of a specific area, remain situationally aware of the position of the camera, and quickly navigate anywhere within the camera’s field of regard.

"Flat panel displays, video walls and video processing have changed the game of how command centers and consoles are designed and operated. Sensorii provides a set of unique tools and utilities to help provide intelligent and intuitive control of video positioning devices and more. Sensorii is well worth close inspection," said Jim Coleman, President of Operational Security Systems, an integrator of comprehensive security systems.

Sensorii allows users to point and click a mouse pointer anywhere within a panoramic image to immediately reposition a live view to that location. The camera operator may also save predefined stop locations with fine tuned optics within the panoramic image for rapid viewing of important locales. “Utilizing any narrow field of vision (FOV) technology creates two significant challenges for security personnel - orientation in the wider FOV context and navigation to discontinuous locations with the wider FOV,” said Randall Foster, CEO, president and co-founder, Vumii. “We developed Sensorii to resolve these challenges while helping users more quickly and effectively recognize what they are seeing and then orient themselves in a broader scene.”

Sensorii can be customized to any language supported by Microsoft® Windows®, ensuring effortless use within most countries around the world.

Additional Sensorii software modules allow security personnel to graphically manage multiple cameras and panoramas within a comprehensive site topographic map, improve visibility in low light environments with contrast enhancement and colorization, increase image stabilization, and enable automatic object tracking.

For more information, visit Vumii at ISC West booth #4056,, or call +1.678.578.4700.