1. Biometrics will replace passwords


The dawn of the digital society is upon us, and as biometrics technology is integrated into personal electronics it will become the dominant verification method. Banking institutions are exploring ways to incorporate biometrics online in order to authenticate users. Widespread use of biometrics in the online sphere will reduce identity theft and eliminate the need for passwords.


2. Face readers will become widely adapted by the service industry

In October, the second largest building in the world, the Venetian Macao began to use face readers as a security measure to verify their 12,000 employees. This endorsement of a hands-free security technology signalled the emerging trend of the hospitality industry using biometric technology. This year the service industry will increase investment in biometric technology, which is quick and dependable throughout high-volume usage.


3. Fingerprint biometrics will remain the dominant access solution


Fingerprint biometrics is the most established and affordable biometric technology. In 2008, companies will make fingerprint readers a standard business practices ensuring physical access security.


Also, increasingly, personal electronics will incorporate biometric technology into more brands of laptops, PDAs and mobile devices to ensure personal security.


The material is from Bioscrypt.