The busy Barbados seaport set a goal of the best and latest in physical security but it was project management expertise that was the key. Barbados Port Inc. operates a busy facility that handles cargo as well as cruise ships.

Everton Walters, like other top executives seeking the latest security solutions, realized that the project manager with the broadest and deepest skills would be the essential component.

He was right; and the Port of Barbados will now be at security’s leading edge with a mix of wireless networking, radio frequency identification (RFID) gates and even weapons of mass destruction (WMD) sensors thanks to a team that included the port, its systems integrator and high tech product sources.

“Barbados Port Inc. has a history of high quality operations. We are expanding and it became apparent we needed to deploy the most modern of security tools to provide the necessary coverage and level of security. This system leveraged our security resources substantially leading up to and during the Cricket World Cup 2007 this spring and well into the future,” said Walters, managing director and CEO of Barbados Port Inc.

There was a lot of effort placed in finding the right integrator, not only for technology knowledge but also for keen project management skills.

“The Port of Barbados project required  a lot of varied  skill sets that included things like wireless networking, IT infrastructure installation and configuration as well as typical labor intensive low voltage installation. We looked long and hard to find the right kind of organization to provide all these skills, Velociti fit the bill for us,” said Ben Donohue of Axcess International, a provider of RFID solutions.

To meet the security system needs of Barbados Port for the Cricket World Cup, three key areas of expertise were identified.


Such capabilities had to address numerous issues before, during and after the planned installation of RFID and WMD sensor systems and command center computer hardware and software. The requirements included providing a site survey and design recommendations for sensors and network connectivity, coordination and oversight of local infrastructure installation to meet power and data cable needs, provision, organization and scheduling of technicians to complete installation tasks, initial and on going user training and support, system testing and maintenance and daily status reports.


Required were the services of outdoor wireless field engineers with RFID experience to develop a real-time site survey and report updated information quickly and accurately. Among the installation details to be defined were requirements for system mounting, AC power, data cabling and ground loop antennas for RFID gate readers and WMD sensor systems. Installation requirements were also needed for RFID building doorway portals and for the hardware and software components of the central command and control center.


For the Barbados Port project, required was the installation of an estimated 21 active RFID gate reader systems, a number of RFID building access portals at various doorways and an estimated 16 WMD sensor systems. In addition, AC power, data cables and hardware and software components of the central command and control center had to be installed.

In the pre-installation phase of the project, Velociti provided site survey and installation recommendations for RFID and WMD equipment and network connectivity, and coordinated and managed local infrastructure installation requirements for AC power and data cabling work performed by Barbados Port and other local contractors. During the installation phase of the project, the Velociti project manager organized and scheduled technicians, coordinated and executed initial user training for Barbados Port personnel, assisted with testing and go-live events for the entire security solution and provided daily status reports. Post installation, Velociti provided on-going system maintenance and support, daily status reports and user training.

Having turned to technology experts with project management skills, Walters was able to effectively and efficiently meet his security solution needs of Barbados Port.