BID patrol officers in Hollywood discuss the America’s Most Wanted program that helped lead to the apprehension of a homicide suspect by fellow officers. From left to right: Alex Parra, Denny Pelch and Tommy Martinez.

Homicide suspect Ralph Garbarini is now off the streets thanks to the quick response of three Andrews International officers working for the surrounding businesses. The suspect was apprehended in the Hollywood Entertainment District after officers, Stephen Seyler, Lawrence Hamblin and Charles Damiano received a tip from a concerned citizen who spotted the suspect’s truck after watching the FOX television program America’s Most Wanted.

The officers used the citizen’s information to locate the suspect’s vehicle and confirmed the license plate number with the information posted on the America’s Most Wanted Web site. They placed the truck under surveillance until the Los Angeles Police Department arrived and the suspect was arrested two hours later.

“The officers’ proactive response reflects their commitment and training, which led them to follow up on crucial information that easily could have been dismissed by less-experienced personnel,” said Mike Harkins, director, Business Improvement Development (BID) Security, Andrews International.

Denny Pelch and Leonard Sterling talk with citizens who have set up camp on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

As part of the community’s BID project, Andrews is responsible for patrolling the Hollywood Entertainment District, which is home to the Chinese and Kodak Theatres, and the famous Walk of Fame. Property owners located along Hollywood Boulevard formed the BID in 1996 to improve the area and its perception among tourists and locals. Andrews International has recently contracted with area property owners to boost security presence. “The ability to assist local law enforcement in ‘quality of life issues’ benefits the entire Hollywood community,” stated Harkins.

The BID project has led to a reduction in nuisance crime and has provided additional assistance to runaways and homeless individuals. “This incident is an example of how private security is effective in safeguarding a community and supporting public law enforcement,” said Bill Farrar, vice president of Andrews International.


America’s Most Wanted airs Saturday nights at 9:00 p.m. EST/PST, 8:00 p.m. CST on FOX. Additional information about Andrews International’s involvement in this case can be found on America’s Most Wanted Web site