Perhaps no other link in the security market supply chain has undergone more dynamic change than that of systems integrators. As technology has added complexity to the design, implementation, training and maintenance (i.e. COST) of security systems, the risk associated with hiring the right partner has grown.

During roundtables and focus groups, some of you have shared that your integrator is a trusted advisor and that you would be unlikely to make a security decision without their involvement and endorsement. Others have flat out stated, “All integrators lie. You can’t trust them and have to keep them at arms length. They are, at best, only vendors.”

Why the significant gap in experiences and opinions? Perhaps it begins with your expectations and the process you employ to find and hire an integrator in the first place. Or is it the broad landscape of players that declare themselves “systems integrators” making the decision tougher and riskier?

While most of your time is dedicated to addressing security issues that have business risk, the best integrators partner by helping you tackle those business issues that have security risk. In this month’s cover story centering on the 10 questions to ask your integrator, Editor Bill Zalud shares the secrets to a perfect partnership and the process for building and growing a long-term relationship with the right integrator for your enterprise.

Great Knowledge Leads to Great Insights

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Jeff Dingle is an instructor and manager of security training at Lockmaster Security Institute. Each month his Get Into Access column on access controls give in-depth coverage on trends, best practices and technologies.

Cynthia Freschi is founder and president of North American Video and named a “System Integrator of the Year” by our sister publication, SDM. Specializing in video surveillance for the bleeding edge casino market, Cyndi’s Video Integration column provides insights on what works and what doesn’t in the complicated and fast changing video arena.

Steve Hunt’s Business Matters column bridges the worlds of logical and physical security by aligning them with organizational goals. One of the world’s most influential security analysts, board member of the Open Security Exchange, the 2006 “Industry Visionary” CSO Compass Award Winner, and named one of 25 Most Influential Security Executives by the readers, advisors and editors of Security Magazine, his insightful columns bring valuable discourse each month.

Michael Khairallah’s Systems Design column comes to you with over 25 years of successful expertise in project development and system delivery. He is the author of two leading books on security design and implementation and the president of Security Design Solutions of Covington, La. Each month, Michael shares his experience and knowledge.

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