The SkyTrain station is located on the Millennium Line in Burnaby, a suburb of Vancouver.

Flying Through the Sky with IP Video

The SkyTrain is the world’s largest automated light rapid transit system, which transports 200,000 passengers a day along 49 km of elevated track through 33 stations located in and around Vancouver, Canada.

Choosing the flexibility of an IP video system enables SkyTrain to keep most of its original investment in the existing security video equipment, while creating a platform for future growth. IndigoVision will be upgrading the 880-security video camera system on SkyTrain. All 880 cameras will be salvaged together with the existing matrix switching hardware.

There is currently very limited network capability between stations, so only analog feeds will initially be transmitted from each station via an existing fiber link back to the SkyTrain Operations and Maintenance Center (OMC).

When the network is upgraded in the future then the real potential of the IP video system can be realized, including the transmission of DVD-quality live and recorded digital video from all cameras in the system back to the OMC and the deployment of a true virtual matrix. Operators will be able view video from any camera, live or recorded, at any point on the network. Real-time analytics can be deployed to provide automatic display of camera feeds as events occur and additional cameras can be added to any point on the network.