The RapidView series AKJX8 Dome/Multiplexer controller from Ademco is designed for comfort and ease of use. It provides seamless control of one to 128 Video RapidDome and/or Orbiter domes as well as up to eight video color and/or monochrome duplex multiplexers. It may be used as a stand-alone unit for a single dome, or for control of multiple domes on dedicated monitors. The controller's multiplexer control capability is advantageous for installations where multi-camera viewing on a single monitor and/or multi-camera recording on a VCR is desired. It features durable housing and a three-axis vector solving joystick that gives the operator total control of pan, tilt, and zoom functions. It also features positive action keys, preset tours, and auxiliaries. The AKJX8 allows for full control of the main and call monitor outputs, acknowledgment of alarms and programming of up to eight multiplexers.

Keywords:[End User, Video Security, Integrated Systems]