Sony Electronics introduces the SSC-DC314 Super HAD CCD high-resolution color video camera, which is now available to meet the surveillance industry's need for high-quality and cost-efficient security products. The SSC-DC314 video camera's numerous features and technologies offer high performance for a wide range of demanding surveillance applications. Key features include: Sony Super HAD CCD technology, which provides high resolution and sensitivity, allowing the camera to reproduce clear, identifiable pictures even in low light conditions; digital signal processing (DSP) technology, which offers a high level of stability and reliability that analog signal processing cannot achieve; and Lighting features that include backlight compensation (BLC), aperture control, auto tracing white balance (ATW) and turbo AGC for an additional 6dB of gain. The light-sensitive Super HAD CCD technology features a microlens over each pixel of the CCD, resulting in greater convergence of light into the photo-sensitive layer of the CCD. As a result, this technology requires only a very low level of light to garner clear images.

Keywords: [End User, Video Security]