HID's new MIFARE Contactless Smart Card Reader now reads and writes to contactless smart cards. Contactless smart cards are used for access control and stored value or data applications such as transportation and vending (increment/decrement). The new HID MIFARE reader provides RS-232 connectivity to support read/write functionality. It also provides a Wiegand output that is compatible with most existing access control systems. When there is a need to use both proximity and MIFARE technologies simultaneously, the HID Proximity and MIFARE card can be used with both proximity and MIFARE readers. HID also offers a standard MIFARE card. To simplify database management, HID can program a sector of the MIFARE card to match any HID proximity bit format currently in use. It is compatible with all MIFARE-S50 compatible cards and integrates smoothly into access control and other smart card applications.

Keywords:[End User, Access Control]