Philips introduces its Dinion camera, which is a completely digital camera with a special patented Digital Signal Processing chip, designed exclusively by Philips. The chip is the brain of this smart camera. Dinion delivers superior performance under all conditions and holds more functionality, intelligence and picture enhancement techniques than any other camera in its price class.

Dinion monochrome and color cameras are the smart choice for today's surveillance generation. The exclusive advanced digital video processing chip provides multiple picture enhancement features that significantly aid identification and detection. NightSense™ automatically increases sensitivity to provide quality video even in the dark. The auto black feature automatically boost contrast in low-visibility conditions and the Lens Wizard provides quick and easy lens set-up. Installation is simple, with virtually no tools required. Their distinctive design and compatibility with almost every type and brand of CCTV equipment make the Dinion camera the new standard in digital video surveillance for every surveillance application.