Intelligent video means that information is available while it is most valuable, wherever a security executive is.
Intelligence is the fundamental product of a video security solution. Ultimately, video provides only limited strategic value until it is transformed into intelligence that can be readily analyzed, managed and delivered when needed. When this is achieved, the intelligence leads to better action.

Actionable intelligence is information that is available while it is most valuable. In other words, it is the right information delivered to the right people at the right time.

What’s meaningful?

Video intelligence conveys a complete and accurate picture of activities of importance to an organization. By helping an organization understand the context in which these events occur, they are better equipped to handle them more effectively.

The technology can also provide real-world insights into improving processes, ensuring compliance and enhancing performance. It is meaningful because it addresses an industry’s specific challenges and delivers valuable information that goes beyond immediate tactical concerns.

Actionable intelligence equips an organization to address its objectives proactively, regardless of enterprise size or geographical distribution. This requires sophisticated capabilities for zeroing in on the most important events and managing them effectively, without additional staff.

Through increased collaboration between IT and security, IP-based video management platforms are helping organizations sift through the vast amounts of video data.

Video data generated by various security devices and processed by these platforms can automatically trigger responses such as e-mail notifications, camera activation and the forwarding of critical footage to geographically disparate security personnel and monitoring devices using broadband IP networks. Most of these next-generation IP video systems were built on open-standards-based software platforms to facilitate rapid deployment and scalability while interacting with diverse edge devices and communications and software platforms common in today’s IT infrastructures. The user interfaces included with most systems enable flexible live and recorded video viewing from a traditional desktop computer or even Internet browsers. Finally, the digital nature of the software allows for easy customization to meet the demands of applications in government, transportation, retail, gaming, banking, campus and mobile environments.

Sidebar: Intelligent Elements

The most significant images delivered just in time to help achieve important objectives

Images that can be intelligently retained and further analyzed to

reveal trends, confirm activity and develop more effective security

and performance practices

Video that can be authenticated and delivered to law enforcement agencies in a timely way for investigations and legal proceeding