Learning is a lifelong process and is something Jorge Mario Ochoa has certainly taken to heart. The cybersecurity leader complements his knowledge with master’s degrees in seven disciplines including leadership, business administration, project management, talent management, big data and data analysis, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence and deep learning, as well as a Ph.D. in psychology.

Jorge Mario considers a well-rounded education an important tool for cybersecurity professionals.

“I am a firm advocate for education and collaboration," Jorge Mario says. "While my foundation lies in a technical background, many of my master's degrees extend beyond the realm of cybersecurity. Understanding the unique needs of your company and its key performance indicators (KPIs) is crucial for fostering productive collaboration. My academic background in leadership, business administration and psychology stems from a deep-seated desire to better understand our talent, their goals and their needs. This insight forms the cornerstone of a more inclusive and collaborative cybersecurity strategy, creating a virtuous cycle. In this cycle, I contribute to achieving my colleagues' objectives, and in turn, they support my cybersecurity strategy out of conviction. This approach not only strengthens our collective security posture but also fosters a culture of shared success. Jorge Mario also holds more than 35 international certifications including ISC2's CISSP, which he considers a highlight of his educational career.

“I’m very proud of that because is it very challenging, you are proud because all that knowledge is a great platform for every cybersecurity professional, CISSP has become a decisive factor in hiring” Jorge Mario says.


As the HQ Information Security Officer, at Millicom International Celluar (Tigo), Jorge Mario has implemented and maintained a comprehensive global information security program, which encompasses policies, processes and standards with a primary focus on making people its cornerstone. His strategic approach to risk management ensures alignment with compliance and regulatory requirements, fostering a secure environment.

“I think the most critical factor of success is people,” Jorge Mario says. “Some speakers may refer to people as ‘the weakest link’, but to me, people are the key element in any cybersecurity strategy. A critical challenge in cybersecurity culture is adopting the 'Keep People Inspired' (KPI) approach. Our leadership goal is to articulate the purpose of our cybersecurity strategy clearly, ensuring our team understands its importance in safeguarding both the company and their personal information from fraud and security breaches. Cultivating this understanding is vital in fostering a proactive and security-aware culture."

Through leadership, Jorge Mario has facilitated cross-functional cooperation and communication, promoting the implementation of the information security framework across all business units at Millicom. In addition, Jorge Mario has helped cultivate a security-conscious culture at Millicom and has been a driving force for the company’s Information Security Training and Awareness program.

“We always need to think global, but implement local,” Jorge Mario says. I work with several countries, so, It is important to listen to the local needs, opportunities and challenges and work together to implement this strategy.”


A Guatemala native, Jorge Mario saw the need for cybersecurity professionals to connect and collaborate in the region. In 2020 he co-founded the ISC2 Guatemala chapter, where he currently also serves as president.

“I started this chapter because I believe that we can collaborate with ISC2 and the students in order to provide a safe cybersecurity career path so we, as a region, can be more competitive and we can have opportunities not only in Guatemala, but globally,” Jorge Mario says. “I truly believe that we can make a difference through education.”

In addition to his work with the Guatemala chapter, Jorge Mario also serves on the ISC2 Chapter Advisory Committee and is a Member of the ISC2 Global Achievements Awards Committee. Building a community and promoting mentorship is something that Ochoa certainly feels is an important part of growing the cybersecurity industry.

Asked what advice he can share with those looking to enter the security field or continue to grow their careers, Jorge Mario says to find your passion.

“I have many colleagues that ask me what certification they should start first, or what certification they should have and I think that the most important thing is to identify your passion because the cybersecurity field is an ocean,” he says. “Maybe we are not doing the job that we are passionate about, but nothing stops us from moving to the job or the certification that makes us happy. Sometimes we need to reinvent ourselves or make adjustments. While reaching the goal is important, enjoying the journey is even more crucial. Enjoy everything you do and contribute to developing the cybersecurity leaders of the next generation."