A survey done by Viakoo suggests that many IT leaders are experiencing difficulties when it comes to IoT security planning. Half of the surveyed IT leaders report feelings of concern regarding their organization’s IoT security efforts, and less than half report being confident in the IoT security measures in place.

The survey report provides key insights into how IT leaders perceive and respond to IoT threats to their organizations. It also details the impacts of these threats and how IT leaders intend to add more administration over IoT systems. 

  • According to 83% of IT leaders, their attack surface developed one application at a time. These IT leaders suggest that remediation should be done one application at a time also.
  • 71% report wishing they could return to the beginning and start IoT security planning differently, focusing on faster remediation. 
  • When managing IoT vulnerabilities, 35% of IT leaders feel their usage of an agentless network-based asset discovery has been successful.  

In the last 12 months, 22% of organizations have experienced a work-disrupting IoT event. 55% of incidents could have been impeded with better security measures. This highlights the need for greater IoT security efforts and contributes to many IT leaders’ plans to strengthen their organizations’ IoT security.