A new report recently released by Qrator Labs reveals an increase in blocked IP addresses associated with malicious activity. The United States is within the top 10 countries originating these cyber attacks, with 5.66 million blacklisted IP addresses. It was followed by China (4.97 million), Germany (1.39 million), Indonesia (1.32 million) and Singapore (1.03 million). Notable newcomers include Israel (483,000), Poland (377,000) and Bangladesh (340,000). 

This geographical distribution confirms a trend observed in Q2: malicious actors are increasingly using local traffic sources to bypass geo-blocking.  

The report also investigated the locations of the largest botnets. The report showed that India was at the top with 10,671 devices, though it was closely followed by Indonesia, Russia and the U.S. 

Attackers are focusing on efficiency rather than brute force, opening the door for new attacks to emerge. 

Read the full report here.