In 2023, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) made a number of security improvements. Seven of the top 10 busiest days took place in 2023, showcasing a need for enhanced security.

In 2023, TSA prevented 6,737 firearms (93% loaded) from getting into the secure areas of the airport and onboard aircraft. The TSA also worked cybersecurity preparedness and resilience for critical transportation infrastructure.

TSA deployed more than 2,000 Credential Authentication Technology (CAT) machines, including second generation (CAT-2) units that enable mobile driver’s licenses and utilize optional facial recognition technology to match credentials to the passenger while protecting their privacy. 

The TSA conducted or supported hundreds of domestic response plan and transportation security related exercises; offered truck, port and rail workers online options to securely renew credentials and increased intelligence sharing with surface and aviation partners.

As adversaries adapt their tactics and new threats arise, TSA’s law enforcement arm continues to adjust approaches to transportation security to meet and defend against these threats, including:

  • Deployed to several national security events working with federal, state and local law enforcement partners to protect critical infrastructure and transportation venues.
  • Conducted 51 various aviation-related security assessments throughout the nation.
  • Trained over 5,000 air carrier crew members in self-defense.