Fallon Ambulance, a medical transportation company based in Boston, is being investigated for a data breach

While Fallon ceased operations in 2022, it maintained an archived copy of its emergency patients' data on the computer systems for its parent company, Transformative Healthcare. According to the company, an unauthorized party gained access to Fallon's data storage archive between February 17 and April 22, 2023. During that time, the hackers copied the private financial and medical records of Fallon's patients.

In late April 2023, a cybercriminal ransomware group known as Alphv/BlackCat claimed credit for the data breach and boasted that it had stolen over a terabyte of data, including medical reports, paramedics reports and sensitive patient records.

The company recently informed patients that the following personal and health information may have been stolen in the breach: names, addresses, Social Security numbers and medical information (including COVID-19 testing and vaccination records). The breach may have also impacted employees' private records and applications for employment.