In a filing with the Maine Attorney General, dental and medical products supplier Henry Schein announced more than 29,000 people were potentially affected from a recent data breach.

In October, Henry Schein announced that part of the company's manufacturing and distribution business suffered a data breach. In response, the company took certain systems offline while working to resolve the issue. The company worked with outside cybersecurity and forensic information technology experts to help investigate any data impact and respond to this situation. Henry Schein also has notified relevant law enforcement authorities. According to the filing, the breach was discovered Oct. 14 and occurred Sept. 27.

According to a letter sent to affected individuals, the company maintains personal information on certain systems related to employees, which may have been accessed and obtained by an unauthorized third party as part of the incident. The attorney general filing reveals that information acquired included names or other personal identifier in combination with: Financial Account Number or Credit/Debit Card Number (in combination with security code, access code, password or PIN for the account).