The Gardone Val Trompia Police Department in Lombardy, Italy, has updated its security measures

Mella Park, a green space located in Gardone, a city of 11,200, is a meeting place for residents of Gardone and nearby communities. Like many public spaces, Mella Park saw its share of minor criminal activity. Gardone Police Chief Commissioner Patrizio Tosoni sought to give police officers greater visibility across the park, and improve their response time to any incidents.

Mella Park deployed several i-PRO multi-sensor cameras including model. The cameras are the most advanced multi-sensor security devices available that also include deep learning intelligence, providing the Gardone Val Trompia police with essential support for monitoring and investigative activities.

On other cameras at Mella Park, Tosoni and his team are making use of the cameras’ analytics such as vehicle counting for traffic analysis purposes or people counting for statistical purposes. Some cameras are also able to send generic vehicle attributes (type, color, direction) to a search application, to enable operators to perform forensic image searches.

To date, forty public parks across Lombardy have been equipped with multi-sensor video surveillance systems from i-PRO on behalf of municipal administrations.

Tosoni reported, "Since updating the park's video surveillance system in May things have significantly improved. Today, just a few months after implementing the i-PRO camera system, we have seen an 80% reduction in crimes within Mella Park. We're only getting started."