According to a recent DataDome report, 68% of U.S. websites are unprotected against bot attacks. Findings show that traditional CAPTCHAs are no longer an effective tool in preventing automated attacks.

Bad bots are plaguing the internet and today make up over 30% of all internet traffic, which cybercriminals use to target online businesses with fraud and other attacks.

Additional findings include:

  • 10.2% successfully blocked all false bot requests.
  • 21.6% detected and blocked some of the bots, but not all.
  • 68.2% let through all nine different types of bots (combinations of attack vector and geographic origin).
  • 72.3% of e-commerce websites and 65.2% of classified ads websites failed all bot tests.
  • 85% of the fake Chrome bots were undetected.
  • 83% of simple Curl command bots were undetected.
  • Nearly three in four fake Googlebots were undetected.

Read the full report here.