The U.S. is still the first most breached country in Q3 2023 despite a decrease in breach count, according to a recent report.

Surfshark’s global study reports the U.S. had 8.1 million leaked accounts, or one leaked account per second (84% less compared to the previous quarter).

Other key report highlights

  • Globally, a total of 31.5 million accounts were breached in Q3 2023, translating into four accounts being leaked every second.
  •  The U.S. ranks first, with 8.1 million leaked accounts (26% of the total). It is followed by Russia (7.1 million), France (1.6 million), China (1.5 million) and Mexico (1.2 million).
  • A 76% decrease in breached users worldwide is seen compared to Q2 2023.
  • North America was the second most affected region by breaches in Q3 2023. Europe took the lead, while Asia was the third most breached region. All other regions comprised less than 8% of the quarter’s total.
  • The countries with the highest breach density (number of leaked accounts per 1,000 residents): Russia, France, the U.S., Colombia and Malaysia.