On the Trail of OSAC: ASIS International 2012

This week members of the OSAC leadership and RISC teams again found themselves on the road.  They converged on Philadelphia together with thousands other security-focused professionals for the 58th Annual ASIS International Seminar.  David Schnorbus, Executive Director; Peter Ford, Deputy-Executive Director; Anna Rapp, Jennifer Hardwick and Jacqueline Schools of our  RISC team – and I – greeted interested attendees who passed by our OSAC booth. 

This year’s conference featured speakers such as Robert Gates (former U.S. Secretary of Defense) and Mohamed El Baradei (former Director General of the International Atomic Energy Agency).   The conclusion of the ASIS conference each year signals that the OSAC Annual Brief is just months away, for which registration is now open at www.osac.gov  . 

Leading up to that event, stay “On the Track of OSAC” via this blog as we advance our last joint-delegation of the year to New Delhi.  In the meantime continue look for exact dates and times of other Country Council meetings at www.OSAC.gov  .