Alastair Hayfield, research manager at IMS Research comments that “2009 was not a stellar year for the video surveillance industry. Most companies felt the pinch of the global recession and will want to get stuck into 2010 as soon as possible. In the year ahead there are a host of new trends that will keep the industry talking and drive market resurgence.”

 1. 2010 will see Video Surveillance as a Service (VSaaS) emerge from the shadows and take the limelight. 2010 will see a raft of companies announce VSaaS solutions.

 2. Storage on the camera will be a hot topic in 2010. SD card support will be offered in more network cameras and end-users will increasingly exploit this feature.

 3. Brazil is IMS Research’s country market to watch in 2010. Infrastructure development and security spending ahead of the FIFA World Cup and Olympics will see the video surveillance market boom in Brazil.

 4. Network camera prices will drop in 2010 as a result of increasing competition, lower cost imports, and manufacturer desire to penetrate price sensitive markets.

 5. Searchable analytics will be the next growth area for Video Content Analysis (VCA).

 6. The competitive landscape of the video surveillance market will change significantly during 2010. Mergers and acquisitions will continue apace, with at least one “established” vendor leaving the market altogether.

 7. HD resolution cameras will gain serious market traction in 2010.

 8. H.264 usage will grow spurred by the increasing prevalence of megapixel and HD resolution cameras.

 9. Open standards will continue to impact the market positively and will further accelerate the transition to network video surveillance. Greater availability of products conforming to open standards, such as ONVIF and PSIA, will further accelerate the trend to network video surveillance.

 10. Video Management Software (VMS) will evolve in 2010 to offer unique user features, PSIM functionality and much, much more.

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