GE Security, Inc., a wholly owned indirect subsidiary of the General Electric Co., tells Zalud’s Blog of the immediate availability of a new strategic planning model designed to help make schools safer and more secure. The innovative strategic security master plan is based on GE Security’s extensive process and security experience.
GE Security is collaborating with school districts in Lynn, Mass., and elsewhere around the country, to develop and execute strategic security plans designed to create safer and more secure learning environments while maximizing return on security infrastructure investments. In addition to Lynn, these include the School District of Manatee County, Florida and Scottsdale Unified School District, Arizona. As students head back to schools around the country for another academic year, administrators are addressing myriad challenges related to providing safety and security for students, faculty and staff.
GE Security’s innovative master security planning process creates partnerships that help school districts anticipate and evaluate security needs, develop comprehensive and strategic security plans and ensure that today’s security investments can deliver immediate and long-term value as part of an integrated security solution. “Safety and security are proven elements of a successful learning environment and GE Security is working with school districts to help them plan integrated, viable and productive security strategies that deliver the desired results,” said Dr. Raymond Lauk, leader of GE Security’s education partnership program. “By better leveraging advanced security technologies as part of an effective strategic planning model, schools across the country can make security decisions today that will meet their ever-evolving security challenges.”
“Collaborating with GE Security has resulted in installation of a well thought out security solution based on advanced security technologies that will help us ensure a safe and secure environment in our schools,” said Lynn School’s (Mass.) Superintendent Nicholas P. Kostan. “This is important to faculty, staff, students and parents. We are enthusiastic about the safer, smarter and more secure surroundings they are returning to this school year at Marshall Middle School. Research has demonstrated that student achievement is higher in safe and orderly environments and Lynn Schools is taking every step to ensure that is exactly what we provide for our community.”
GE Security’s education team has worked closely with Lynn Public Schools, in Massachusetts, to conduct a feasibility study and create a customized security master plan for Thurgood Marshall Middle School that can eventually integrate with broader, district-wide security plans. In the coming weeks, Marshall will have integrated video surveillance, visitor management and access control systems that will help to make the school safer and more secure.