Zalud’s Blog has learned that Videotec launches the new VERSO True-PoE and, thanks to the benefits of High Power PoE (Power over Ethernet), it is now possible to feed the heater as well as the network camera. No need to add external power sources or bring additional power cables into the enclosure, which are the limits of the standard low power IEEE 802.3af PoE.

Moreover the cable entry is made with an RJ45 outdoor cable connector, so the camera set can be easily pre-installed and tested before going on site.

- HiPoE to power heater & network camera

- no need of additional power source

- integrated HiPoE splitter 24W, 12VDC

- standard cable cat. 5

- RJ45 weatherproof IP66 connector

- compatible with HiPoE PowerDsine midspans

The first True-PoE camera housing by Videotec assures:

- system reliability

- economical service and installation

-         flexible and simple “plug and play” installation