The adoption of new technology such as generative artificial intelligence (AI) was analyzed in a recent report by Information Services Group (ISG). Generative AI has a number of benefits for organizations, but security leaders have also warned against its quick adoption as it poses a number of security risks

Research shows 85% of companies surveyed believe investments in generative AI within the next 24 months are important or critical. However, rather than taking a “blank slate” approach, companies are asking their providers to devise ways that generative AI can be applied to providers’ existing services, such as call center operations.

The report shows financial services, including banking and insurance, is the leading industry for generative AI adoption, with 24% of total use cases, followed by manufacturing (14%), healthcare and pharma (12%) and business services (11%).

From a functional perspective, the report shows predictive analytics is the top use case, with 57% of all mature use cases, followed by code generation or DevOps (50%), data extraction and analysis (30%) and performance analysis (24%).

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