The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) in Virginia International Yeager Airport is installing computed tomography (CT) X-ray scanners at the security checkpoint. 

The two new CT scanners screen carry-on items at the checkpoint and generate a 3-D image of the contents of carry-on bags. The technology creates a clear image of a bag’s contents that the system can automatically detect explosives and other threat items by shooting hundreds of images with an X-ray camera spinning around the conveyor belt to provide TSA officers with the 3-D views of the contents of a carry-on bag.

A TSA officer can view the 3-D X-ray image on a monitor and manipulate the image to get a better view of the bag’s contents, ultimately reducing the number of carry-on bags that need to be opened and manually inspected. However, if a bag requires further screening, a TSA officer will inspect it to ensure that a threat item is not contained inside.