As people plan to travel for Independence Day, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) highlighted some of its security screening technology to inform travelers.

TSA anticipates the busiest travel days will occur from June 29 through July 5. TSA estimates screening approximately 17.7 million during the seven-day travel period. 

Some airports have installed computed tomography (CT) scanners which significantly improves threat detection capabilities for carry-on bags and reduces physical searches of bag contents for prohibited items. CT units give Transportation Security Officers (TSOs) the ability to review a 3D image of passengers’ bags and reduce physical searches of bag contents for prohibited items.

Adult passengers 18 years and older must show valid identification at the airport checkpoint in order to travel. Checkpoints at 25 airports currently accept mobile driver’s licenses (mDLs) and digital IDs in the participating TSA PreCheck lanes from:

  • Arizona, Colorado and Georgia mDLs stored in the Apple Wallet app
  • Maryland mDLs stored in the Apple Wallet or Google Wallet app
  • Utah mDLs stored in the GET Mobile ID app
  • American Airlines digital ID stored in the Airside Digital Identity app

All passengers presenting mDLs or digital IDs must continue to carry and have readily available their physical driver’s license or identification card, or other acceptable ID listed on the TSA website. This physical ID may be required by the TSO to complete ID verification.