Severe weather and natural disasters remain a concern, especially as they grow in severity and frequency. According to a Motorola Solutions report, while 86% of respondents are at least somewhat concerned about the intensity and frequency of natural disasters increasing in the coming years, 36% of those surveyed feel very or extremely prepared to face major weather events.

Ninety-three percent of respondents say emergency responders are somewhat prepared, prepared or extremely prepared to help them/their communities in the event of a natural disaster. The same number of respondents indicate that they are confident that their public safety and emergency management agencies are equipped to handle severe weather emergencies. 

When asked which communication method would be their preferred source of truth during natural disasters, respondents said they would have the greatest confidence in SMS/text messages (34%) or mobile safety app alerts (32%) from local and/or state officials.

Community members are taking proactive steps to prepare for weather events, including assembling safety kits (67%), signing up for emergency notifications from their local government and/or public safety department (57%) and creating an evacuation or family preparedness plan (47%). Security leaders should work to ensure their employees know what to do if severe weather occurs while in the workplace. 

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