According to a report by ForgeRock, identity theft and fraud remains a top concern for security leaders. According to the report, 1.5 billion user records were breached and cost businesses an average of $9.4 million per breach in 2022.

As more identities are stolen each year, AI-driven fraud attacks are creating a larger threat landscape for consumers and enterprises alike. Through the use of new technologies like generative AI, tactics such as phishing emails, malicious code and voice or video-based impersonation, otherwise known as “deep fakes,” are becoming more common and difficult to detect.

Other key findings from the report include:

  • Unauthorized access is the leading cause of breaches for the fifth consecutive year.
  • 52% of all reported breaches came through third-party partners and suppliers.
  • Healthcare remains a top target with attacks increasing by 50% compared to 2021.
  • Social Security Number and date of birth information were exposed in 72% of breaches.
  • Attacks within the financial services sector decreased by 29%, but nearly half of those attacks affected the insurance industry.

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