One year after the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Cyjax CISO Ian Thornton-Trump and Sky News security expert Philip Ingram, MBE, of Grey Hare Media assess the state of the Russia-Ukraine conflict in the latest Cybersecurity & Geopolitical Podcast from Security magazine.

The pair examine the physical, geopolitical and cyber effects of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, discussing the weaponization of Ukraine and technologies playing a part in the conflict and destruction in the region. Then, Thornton-Trump and Ingram shift to Russia's moves on the cyber front, examining Russia-aligned cyberattacks targeting NATO countries.

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One year of conflict between Russia and Ukraine

Almost 200,000 Russian troops have been killed or wounded since the start of the country's invasion of Ukraine, according to the Wall Street Journal. Factor in casualties among Ukraine forces and civilians, who have been subjected to indiscriminate Russian missile attacks directly or those targeted at power generation infrastructure, and an estimated over half a million people have been wounded or killed on both sides of the conflict. Both nations’ people are suffering catastrophic short- and long-term consequences due to Russia’s continued aggression and Ukraine’s defense of its sovereign territory.

In the context of this sobering reality, podcast hosts Thornton-Trump and Ingram look into the likelihood and impact of President Zelenskyy’s request for heavy armor and aircraft coming to fruition. They also discuss the potential delays that can be expected before their effects are felt on the battlefield due to the rigorous training regime that these complex modern weapon systems demand — a battlefield, Thornton-Trump points out, that is looking strikingly similar to that of the Donbas back in 1943.

Ingram and Thornton-Trump deep dive into the specific nature of the technology that’s potentially on the table, examining the political sensitivities and complexities involved. How, for example, do Ukraine’s allies overcome the issue of the classified systems and material present in the Leopard, AMX-10, Challenger and M1 Abrams tanks?

Leaving the Ukraine battlefield behind, the duo close this month’s episode by turning the spotlight on the latest cyberattacks from Killnet, a Russian-aligned hacktivist group, and ask the question: “Has an outsourced Russian global cyber war suddenly arrived on NATO’s and Western Europe’s doorstep?”

Tune in to find the answer…