During the 2021-2022 school year, there were 193 incidents of gunfire on school grounds, nearly four times the average during these months in all other years and the highest number of incidents since Everytown for Gun Safety Support Fund began tracking these trends in 2013.

Gunfire on school grounds data tracked by Everytown for Gun Safety shows that between August 1, 2021, and May 31, 2022, those incidents of gunfire at preschools and K–12 schools left 59 people shot and killed and 138 people shot and wounded. At least six in 10 of the victims killed and four in 10 of the victims wounded were current or former students of the school where the gunfire occurred. 

These findings also confirm four trends about school gun violence:

  1. Those discharging guns on school grounds often have a connection to the school;
  2. Guns used in incidents generally come from the home, family, or friends;
  3. Shooters nearly always exhibit warning signs;
  4. And gun violence in American schools has a disproportionate impact on students of color. 

Education Week's 2022 School Shooting Tracker has tracked at least 27 school shootings this year where 27 people have been killed and 56 people have been injured. 

The Everytown for Gun Safety report makes key recommendations to prevent gun violence in schools, including:

  1. Gun safety policies: Enact and enforce secure firearm storage laws; Pass and implement extreme risk laws; Raise the age to purchase semi-automatic firearms; Require background checks on all gun sales
  2. School-based security interventions: Foster a safe and trusting school climate; Build a culture of secure gun storage; Create crisis assessment/prevention programs in schools; Implement expert-endorsed security upgrades, including entry control and locks
  3. Practices that can harm and traumatize students: Armed teachers and school resource officers; student-involved shooter drills

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